Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Review From a Very Happy Member

I wanted to tell you how much we are looking forward to going back to
Ocean Manor Resort next April.
We have a rule of sorts that we do not go back to the same country,
let alone resort, because with our time share our goal is to travel to
as many countries, US States and resorts as possible.
So far our 16 year old twins boys have been to 26 states and 6
countries.  Our trip back to Ocean Manor is worth breaking the rule
because we enjoyed our time there so much.
Our boys, who were 14 at the time, felt safe and right at home.  So
much so that they gave us permission to go to town for lunch one day.
The staff was friendly, the place impeccably clean, the food was good
and it is such a great location to Caberete.  I would recommend as
good as your food is, guests should venture into town and enjoy lunch
or dinner on the beach watching the sin set.
Anna, or Anna Banana, as the boys called her,  kept us busy with some
great tours and excursions.  San Juan, the purveyor of all local goods
and trinkets,  went and found me some wonderful Dominican cigars to
bring home that I can't buy here in the states.  I have friends giving
me orders on what they want me to bring back.  We are still making
Mama Juana as gifts for a friends each Christmas.  I need to restock
up on the herbs.
Don't even get me started on the jewelry my wife picked out, and his
prices were better than in town.
We also have a warm spot in our hearts for Rosa, who spent countless
hours braiding Bettina's hair and chatting with me and the boys.  We
still keep in touch on Facebook and already let her know we are coming
Thank you for putting such a great team in place and creating an
resort worth going back to.
Warmest regards,

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